Arianny Lopez – Mindpower Breakthrough Alumni

Mindpower Breakthrough with Stéph and Shay opened my eyes to many ways that I was holding back and gave me the power and the tools to better my life, my finances, and my relationships. I am more aware and present, and I have hope and confidence for my future endeavors.

Dickens Fenelon – Mindpower Breakthrough Alumni

Stéph & Shay are amazing! The best mentors and coaches out there. Be ready to have multiple and massive breakthroughs when you come on board. I totally would recommend these two amazing people to my loved ones, friends and family.

Tiffany Gov – Mindpower Breakthrough Alumni

This was my first time ever taking any breakthrough course and I had an incredible experience. Learned so many tools I can take to every aspect of life to LEVEL UP. I am much clearer now and have no doubt we will be accomplishing big things.

Anoushka Taylor – Minpower Breakthrough Alumni

It’s amazing to finally see the change I have been looking for. I tried so many different things to make changes in my life, and the method and process that Stéph & Shay used was the one that finally brought about the change I was looking for!!