Mindpower Coaching™Academy

An elite 12-week Certification Program that gives you a proven step-by-step plan for creating a successful coaching business on your terms.

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Introducing Mindpower™ Coaching Academy: An Elite Coaching Training Program

If you’re a Life Coach, Executive Coach, or are NLP certified, and you’re not sure what to do next… You’re not alone.

Mindpower Coaching™ Academy is formulated to provide you with EVERYTHING you need to run a successful coaching business. It’s streamlined and comprehensive.

In just 12 impactful weeks, you will learn and put into practice what took Stéph & Shay 12 years to develop!

Build and grow a fulfilling and prosperous 6+ figure coaching business.

Implement the precise methodology of expertly guiding clients to disconnect their running parachutes (mental & emotional barriers).

Coach with influence and authority to help your clients get results every time.

Stéph & Shay have worked with hundreds of coaches from all levels of experience, assisting them to flourish as they implemented their proprietary Mindpower Coaching™ techniques and systems. Now they are finally making it accessible in a hybrid training environment. It’s replicable and ready for you to learn and implement in your coaching business.

After 12 years, they’re now eager to teach you everything.

The Mindpower Coaching™ Academy
was created to help you:

  • Build a thriving coaching practice that is fulfilling AND makes a difference.
  • Attract your ideal coaching client.
  • Gain confidence as a coach to promote your services, knowing with 100% certainty that you will guide your clients to get what they want.
  • Get your marketing message just right for your niche.
  • Develop the ability to set your rate at what you are worth—and receive it.
  • Set up a successful coaching business.

OUR Success Stories

I am so much more positive than I have been over the last year, specifically, and even over the last 5 years. Thank you, Stéph & Shay!


Now that my running parachutes are gone, I feel so much lighter!


Stéph & Shay changed my life, my mindset, my goals, my health and much more! Everyone should be talking to them as our world would be a better place.


I have clarity about my direction in life. I can trust myself again.


Everything I’ve learned from Stéph & Shay has drastically improved my life, my business and the way I coach my team.


Every step I take with the Mindpower Breakthrough feels freeing. I feel more alive!


I have been doing the Morning Routine for Mental Toughness daily.
I love it!


2 hours into my scheduled day and I already feel 100x more productive, focused and calm!


This module makes my brain so


I feel like the Mindpower Planning System has really helped me focus on my tasks.


Doing breathing and gratitude every morning has been fabulous! I have had a bunch more effective energy this week!

Gina Vokoun

Oh my gosh! That is the most incredible thing I’ve ever experienced! I feel really great!


Meet Stéph & Shay

Stéphane & Shalee Schafeitel (also known as Stéph & Shay) have studied Mindpower, mental and emotional resilience, and coaching for 25+ years, and have been teaching the subject for 12+ years. They’ve read hundreds of books and taken numerous high-level certification courses on communication, coaching, and Mindpower. In 2020, they published their debut Wall Street Journal bestselling book, Master Your Mindpower.

Stéph & Shay formulated Mindpower Coaching™ Academy to be a simple, easy-to-follow program so you can walk away and get the value and skillset you came for.

They have refined their coaching philosophy and method into something you can understand and implement immediately.

Are you ready?

What’s Unique About
Mindpower Coaching™ Academy

Introducing Mindpower™ Coaching Academy: An Elite Coaching Training Program

One thing that sets Mindpower Coaching™ Academy apart from other coaching programs is Stéph & Shay’s willingness to share with you the specific plan needed to organize and run your successful coaching business.

We are talking about giving you everything—their exact process from start to finish with their clients—from prospecting and presenting coaching packages to providing content for every session, leading your clients through breakthroughs, and achieving the results they are searching for.

No other coaching certification program will show you the ins and outs of the business as they do, including:

  • Legal business documents
  • Discovering your fee structures
  • Coaching program packages
  • The 5-step enrollment process
  • Effective enrollment presentations
  • Coaching outlines and presentations
  • How to identify and resolve your client’s mental and emotional barriers
  • Mindpower Coaching™ Methodology
    And so much more!

What’s Included:

12 Weeks
12 weeks of impactful, interactive, and fun learning experiences

Expert Guidance
Stéph & Shay will teach you everything they know about coaching

24+ Hours
Get over 24 hours of training videos (lifetime access with annual licensing fee)

Weekly assigned homework to lock in the learnings

Live Calls
Weekly interactive group calls

Hands-on exercise sessions to practice techniques

Module 01

Mindpower Coaching™ Mindsets

Module 02

Creating Deep Connections With Your Clients

Module 03

Mindpowered Communication: Storytelling, Flexibility & Influence

Module 04

Mindpowered Communication: Information Gathering, Problem Solving & Feedback

Module 05

Discovering Your Client’s Outcomes & Running Parachutes

Module 06

Mindpower Coaching™ Techniques

Module 07

Mindpower Coaching™ Guided Meditations

Module 08

Mindpowered Life Plan

Module 09

Mindpower Coaching™ Methodology

Module 10

Marketing Your Mindpower Coaching™ Business

Module 11

Mindpower Coaching™ Business Essentials

Module 12

Promoting Your Mindpower Coaching™ Services