Stéph & Shay

Stéphane & Shalee Schafeitel (a.k.a. Stéph & Shay) are the authors of the Wall Street Journal bestselling book, Master Your Mindpower. They are committed to helping business leaders, high performers, and coaches increase their resilience, focus, and success through their Mindpower Coaching™ programs. Why? To help clients massively increase their results and make a positive impact on the world.

A real power couple in every sense of the word, these partners in business and life work together to bring a truly unique approach to coaching and business to help others connect with their inner resilience. Why? Because the individuals who have mental and emotional resilience are the most successful people in the world.

About Stéph

“Be Resilient. Everything Happens For A Reason.”
My Dad Would Say

My parents came from the old country. My dad was Swiss and my Mom was French. I was the first person in my family to be born in America. My Dad started a textile business in Greenville, South Carolina in the 1970s and with a few thousand dollars to his name created a multi-million-dollar business. My dad was my hero.

I started working for my dad when I was 11 years old. I started learning about entrepreneurship and building businesses at a young age. My Dad’s love languages were SUCCESS, HARD WORK, and PRECISION.

One of the most important things I learned from my Dad was the importance of maintaining a positive outlook on everything in life, no matter the circumstances, and even amidst tragedy. His mantra was “Everything happens for a reason.” My dad was my first mentor and my first introduction to Mindpower.

At 16 years old, my whole world was falling apart. My brother (my best friend) went off to school. My birth mother had been long gone for years and my step-mom left my Dad. My Dad left on a sabbatical and never came back. On top of all that, my girlfriend had just broken up with me. One of my favorite sayings is, “In order for the new to be built, the old must crumble.” Boy was my world crumbling!

My motto to myself was, “Be Resilient.”

This was when I started my first business… mowing lawns. And as my world was falling apart, I was asked if I could help other people put their lives back together. The principal at my high school asked me to become a Natural Helper, which meant I was going to be trained to coach people at my school out of crises and hardships.

This was when I started really understanding Mindpower and would step into my purpose, which is to make a positive impact on the world. I knew I was put here to help others… Be Resilient.

At 21 years old I began to leverage both my business building experience and coaching experience to become a highly-decorated INTRApreneur within some of the country's top Fortune 500 companies.

I made my first million dollars in my mid-20s by outworking all of my competitors and by consistently reminding myself to… Be Resilient.

Now I’m on a mission, with my partner, Shay, to positively impact the lives of 1 Billion people by helping them increase their mental toughness and emotional resilience.

Why? Because the individuals who have mental toughness and emotional resilience are the most successful people in the world. They are the exception who choose to… Be Resilient.

About Shay

I grew up in a rural town outside of Reno, NV in a blue-collar family. I have a brother 6 years older than me who was my hero. I was a tomboy and played a lot of sports growing up and I was even the only girl on a boy’s little league team.

It wasn’t until my early 20s when I would start to grasp the idea of what Mindpower was, what my purpose was, or when I started helping others. Shortly after landing my dream job in my dream industry, I was laid off during the dot com bust of the early 2000s. I became depressed and stopped taking care of myself. I started drinking a lot and eating for comfort. My health took a digger and I gained about 35 pounds.

Then one day I woke up!

I decided to make a change, and that I could BE more, that I could DO more, and that I could HAVE more. I was flipping through a fitness magazine and became inspired by the fitness model, Jamie Eason. I decided I wanted to get healthy and fit. I took this magazine into an MMA fighting gym and walked up to the lead Trainer and said, “Can you make me look like this?” He asked me, “Why?” I said, “I want to be more confident, and I need help doing this.” My new trainer said, "OK, let’s do it!”

It took me a lot of Mindpower, mental toughness, emotional resilience, discipline, and MASSIVE ACTION. And… I got my goal!

I lost all the extra weight, got in the best shape of my life, and most importantly, unlocked my confidence that was hiding inside. I had the opportunity to become a fitness model and represent some companies so I went for it! Shortly thereafter, a lot of women came to me asking me how I did it? They started asking ME for help. This was the first time in my life that others were asking for my help. I was inspired to help them, and this is where I unlocked my purpose, which is to help others become the best version of themselves.


We help business leaders, high performers, and coaches increase their resilience, focus, and success through our Mindpower Coaching™ programs, so they massively increase their results and make a positive impact on the world.








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Jada Davis

Director Of Member Experience

As a former athlete and professional NBA Cheerleader for both the Sacramento Kings and LA Lakers, Jada knows the importance of mental and emotional resilience. She has been actively involved in the health and wellness industry for two decades as a trainer and coach, helping people lead a more active lifestyle. She is also a former fitness studio owner with multiple locations in San Francisco, California.

Jada has a decade of knowledge and experience in Personal Development. She’s an expert in Mindpower and has a background in Sales, Marketing, and Business Development. Jada has a knack for helping clients uncover the limiting belief that prevents them from creating true success and gaining clarity on what is possible.

A long-time advocate of the methodology and techniques taught by Stéph & Shay, she was thrilled to partner with them in 2021 as the Director of Growth. She is committed to helping clients who want to 10X their results and live their best lives.

Her motto is: if you can dream it, you can do it.


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OUR Success Stories

I am so much more positive than I have been over the last year, specifically, and even over the last 5 years. Thank you, Stéph & Shay!


Now that my running parachutes are gone, I feel so much lighter!


Stéph & Shay changed my life, my mindset, my goals, my health and much more! Everyone should be talking to them as our world would be a better place.


I have clarity about my direction in life. I can trust myself again.


Everything I’ve learned from Stéph & Shay has drastically improved my life, my business and the way I coach my team.


Every step I take with the Mindpower Breakthrough feels freeing. I feel more alive!


I have been doing the Morning Routine for Mental Toughness daily.
I love it!


2 hours into my scheduled day and I already feel 100x more productive, focused and calm!


This module makes my brain so


I feel like the Mindpower Planning System has really helped me focus on my tasks.


Doing breathing and gratitude every morning has been fabulous! I have had a bunch more effective energy this week!

Gina Vokoun

Oh my gosh! That is the most incredible thing I’ve ever experienced! I feel really great!