Tracie Cantu – Mindpower Coaching Academy Masters Alumni

MCA Masters exceeded all of my expectations. The content that was shared will no doubt take my business to the next level. It has not only boosted my confidence but most importantly improved my skill set. Thank you, Stéph & Shay! Mindpower has without a doubt made a profound impact on my life.

Deneen Andrades – Mindpower Coaching Academy Masters Alumni

The formula and formats given in the offer development and pricing section are absolutely priceless. These are the things that need to be in place for any business to be recognized and grow.  The only thing left to do is to DO THE THING! It was a wonderful experience.

Natalie Jensen – Mindpower Coaching Academy Masters Alumni

Wow! Stéph & Shay promised excellence and boy did they over deliver! This event was mind blowing. The content, the energy, the tribe, the whole thing was incredible. I can’t wait to take what I learned and implement it into my coaching business!Thank you Stéph & Shay!