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Mindpower Coaching Academy Masters

Get ready to transform your coaching career! Welcome to our 4-day Certification program that empowers you to become a Master
Mindpower Coach. Engage in cutting-edge learning, access invaluable strategies, and boost your business growth potential.

Tracie Cantu – Mindpower Coaching Academy Masters Alumni

MCA Masters exceeded all of my expectations. The content that was shared will no doubt take my business to the next level. It has not only boosted my confidence but most importantly improved my skill set. Thank you, Stéph & Shay! Mindpower has without a doubt made a profound impact on my life.

Chelsea Doolittle – Mindpower Coaching Academy Alumni

MCA Masters gave me a profound peace of mind, complete congruency, and a fool way to take my current coaching business to the next level and far beyond.

I imagined MCA Masters would be mind-blowing as Stéph & Shay always deliver, and yet again, my expectations were far exceeded.

They poured their hearts out in a huge way!

Brad Feldman – Mindpower Coaching Academy Masters Alumni

Masters was truly incredible. Stéph & Shay always bring the fire and energy. The event span through 4 packed days of incredible content, ideas, and breakthroughs. Their attention to detail and their passion for delivering excellence are always present at their events which always equates to massive growth for the attendees. I can’t wait to see the impact on my personal life and business in the coming weeks. Thank you again, Stéph & Shay!

Jada Davis – Mindpower Coaching Academy Masters Alumni

I am continuously amazed and inspired by Stéph & Shay and their ability to overdeliver and exceed expectations. This event is an absolute must to continue to prosper and take your coaching business to the next level and beyond! Just when you think you’ve mastered something, you realize how much more you can grow! I’m excited to implement every I gained from this experience to make an even greater impact!

Paul Jensen – Mindpower Coaching Academy Masters Alumni

An elite-level training that provides numerous insights and refinements on powerful techniques for helping people create MASSIVE CHANGE in their lives. It was almost a given that Stéph & Shay would deliver peerless training in these areas, and they did. However, what blew me away was all the additional techniques, processes, knowledge, and wisdom that Stéph & Shay brought to the training. In a short period of time, I was able to tap into their years of experience and lessons learned from thousands of coaching and training clients! My coaching practice has just gone to a whole new level!

Deneen Andrades – Mindpower Coaching Academy Masters Alumni

The formula and formats given in the offer development and pricing section are absolutely priceless. These are the things that need to be in place for any business to be recognized and grow.  The only thing left to do is to DO THE THING! It was a wonderful experience.

Natalie Jensen – Mindpower Coaching Academy Masters Alumni

Wow! Stéph & Shay promised excellence and boy did they over deliver! This event was mind blowing. The content, the energy, the tribe, the whole thing was incredible. I can’t wait to take what I learned and implement it into my coaching business!
Thank you Stéph & Shay!

What you will learn

During this immersive program, you will explore and master:

Advanced Mindpower Coaching™ Techniques:

Dive deeper into the realm of Mindpower coaching and learn advanced techniques that can transform lives.

Mindpower Personality Assessment:

Get the skills to effectively assess your client’s personality, understand their needs better, and coach them towards success.

Values Levels and Values Evolution Profile™ Assessment:

Learn how to evaluate your client’s values and use this understanding to create more personalized coaching experiences.

Advanced Presentation Skills:

Enhance your public speaking and presentation abilities to deliver powerful messages and captivate your audience.

Building Social Proof, Credibility, and “Know, Like & Trust”:

 Learn effective techniques for building a trustworthy brand image and creating a loyal client base.

How to Massively Grow and Scale Your Business Through Group Coaching Programs:

Discover how to expand your coaching business by implementing successful group coaching programs.

Innovative & Valuable Ideas & Strategies:

Absorb and apply novel ideas and strategies that will give you a competitive edge in the coaching industry.

Embark on this transformative journey and emerge
as a Master Mindpower Coach! Enroll now and let's
together redefine coaching success.


If halfway through the program you cannot see how Mindpower Breakthrough™ will make you at least 3X more valuable as an income generator for your family, 3X more resilient, and 3X more productive, Stéph & Shay will reimburse 100% of your enrollment fee.

Yes, all of it. No problem.

Stéphane Schafeitel

Shalee Schafeitel