Mindpower Breakthrough

100+ Revolutionary Mindset Strategies And Techniques.

An 8-week development program designed to help you break through your mental and emotional barriers and maximize your potential.



Believers: SOLD OUT!

May 25, 2023

Trailblazers: LAST Cohort of The Year

September 28, 2023

Your enrollment contributes to our Mindpower Fund, which helps us give 1 young adult a full scholarship to attend Mindpower Breakthrough™ every cohort. One step closer to achieving our #1MillionKids Campaign goal.

YOUR Breakthrough PLAN

In this module you will discover how your thinking determines your results. Armed with that knowledge, you will experience a mindset reset. The goal of this module is to help you prime your mind for the Mindpower Breakthrough™, resulting in you being able to reap the benefits from this experience now and for all your future success.

“The capabilities of the human mind are amazing! It’s so interesting to see how most of my old habits were formed unconsciously. I’m looking forward to learning and practicing how to build new habits.”

Justin Cantu After Module 1 of Mindpower Breakthrough


In this module, you will lay down the foundation for a mindpowered life. Along the way, you will discover ways to align your 3Ps to get ready to experience a macro “flow state” every day. You will maximize your clarity and experience internal alignment. 

“All I can say, is WOW! This module gave me clarity, awareness, and knowledge on what I want in my life! I am in flow state and opportunity is knocking! Thank you Stéph & Shay for this incredible program!”

-Christian Scholl After Module 2 of Mindpower Breakthrough

It’s time to do some work to really understand your mental and emotional barriers – everything that is limiting you. All of them! In this module, you will discover all of your unresolved negative emotions and limiting beliefs that are holding you back from achieving your goals.

“Running Parachute Discovery was amazing and extremely eye-opening. I’ve literally struggled with this my entire life. I am so ready to let this running parachute go. I’m OVER IT. I want to live as the woman I already know I am. I just have to start… and start NOW. No more procrastinating!”
-Kate Imthurn After Module 3 of Mindpower Breakthrough

Now that you’ve identified your running parachutes it’s time to let go of everything holding you back from creating greatness and success. In this module, you will discover how to release all negative emotions and limiting beliefs from your past. Are you ready to achieve all of your goals in less time and with less energy?

“I didn’t realize how much my unconscious mind was interfering with my daily life. After disconnecting my Running Parachutes I noticed I was no longer distracted or hung up by any anger or sadness. If I did, I was able to recognize it, put it aside and move on. I am excited to see how I feel moving forward.”
-Angela Tamarang After Module 4 of Mindpower Breakthrough

Get ready to 10X your productivity and results by learning the most innovative effectiveness & efficiency tools used today. You will experience a highly productive “flow state” (being “in the zone”) every single day. You will learn how to get more done in less time so you can have more free time for yourself and be able to do more of the things you want to do. 

“Even just one day of implementing this scheduling system was a game changer for me! My day was filled with only the most important tasks to complete and I feel more fulfilled! I’m excited to see how much better it gets as I continue to implement the Mindpower Planning System and focus on my MVP’s.”
JoDee Briscoe After Module 5 of Mindpower Breakthrough

In this final module, you will discover the real psychology of goal achievement and manifestation. You will learn how to turn your dreams into a reality. Get ready to learn how to take massive action so you can outlast and outperform your rivals and dominate your marketplace.

“TIME TO TAKE MASSIVE ACTION!! I am so thankful for this program and for Stéph & Shay! I feel so blessed to have Shay as my coach, you are absolutely amazing! It’s now time to explode… having let go of the running parachutes and getting detailed in my planning I can take massive action. You have truly provided a lifelong road map. THANK YOU!”
-Beth Lindhardt After Module 6 of Mindpower Breakthrough


Increase your resilience, your focus, and your success.

I’m recommending Mindpower Breakthrough to all my friends especially busy moms like myself. It helped me to see that I can accomplish so much on my own.

-Arianny Celeste, UFC Ring Girl, Model & Entrepreneur

ENROLL NOW in Mindpower
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Six online modules by
Stéph & Shay released
weekly over six weeks

Weekly assigned
Mindpower Exercises that you
will submit to us weekly

Weekly Live Mentor Sessions with Stéph & Shay and all
participants within your
breakthrough tribe

Dedicated Mindpower Coach
to guide you through your breakthrough

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Your investment

Due to this program’s intensive and intimate nature, we are only reserving a limited number of seats for this immersion.
It’s part of our commitment to giving you a high-level and transformational experience.





To be eligible for the scholarship, you must be exceptionally driven and motivated to succeed.
The scholarship is available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Frequently asked questions

What is Mindpower Breakthrough™?

Mindpower Breakthrough™ is a development program that Stéph & Shay have designed for clients that want the private Mindpower Coaching offered by Stéph & Shay, yet also enjoy the community-feel of being surrounded by like-minded individuals.

Why should I take Mindpower Breakthrough™?

Mindpower Breakthrough™ is for you if you are ready to level up in your life or business. It is for you if you have an idea of where you want to go, but you’re limited in some way by mental or emotional barriers (running parachutes). Let us help you disconnect those running parachutes.

* Please be aware—lifelong friendships are typically formed from our development programs

What will I get out of Mindpower Breakthrough™?

This full-immersion experience will allow you to experience the same results as private coaching with Stéph & Shay, but for a fraction of the tuition and the opportunity to build connections with individuals with the same mindset—wanting to grow and thrive and making a conscious effort to do so.

Our team will help you:
● Learn how your thinking determines your results and how to reign in your focus.
● Align your 3Ps – Principles, Passion, and Purpose so you can experience flow state daily.
● Discover your running parachutes and understand the mental and emotional barriers that are holding you back.
● Breakthrough emotional blocks and build ultimate mental toughness.
● Determine the CORRECT strategies and habits you need to launch yourself into greatness.
● Implement the research-backed practices to help you increase your confidence and your success.
● 10X your productivity and self-discipline.
● Multiply your motivation.
● Build enduring relationships with like-minded individuals.

How does Mindpower Breakthrough™ work?

Mindpower Breakthrough™ is a development program that includes six online modules, weekly Mindpower Exercises reviewed personally by our expert Mindpower Coaches with personal feedback, weekly Live Mentor Sessions, and a dedicated Mindpower Coach for you from the team of coaches at Stéph & Shay.

What is the investment for Mindpower Breakthrough™?

Clients pay $120k a year to get private coaching from Stéph & Shay. But now, you can experience the same transformative results they deliver with Mindpower Breakthrough™ for $7,500 — a fraction of private coaching but with the same results.

How does the 3X Guarantee work?

There are pre-Breakthrough preparation materials, challenges, and Mindpower Exercises to complete during the learning experience. At least the first three modules will need to be completed and sent in to prove participation and qualify for your refund.


If halfway through the program you cannot see how Mindpower Breakthrough™ will make you at least 3X more valuable as an income generator for your family, 3X more resilient, and 3X more productive, Stéph & Shay will reimburse 100% of your enrollment fee.

Yes, all of it. No problem.

Stéphane Schafeitel

Shalee Schafeitel