Master Your Mindpower


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Master Your Mindpower is the Wall Street Journal Bestselling book by Stéphane & Shalee Schafeitel. Written for the success seeker who strives for more, it's a user manual for your mind and the ultimate guide to mental toughness.

You’ll learn the 3 Pillars of Mindpower with precise Mindpower Exercises to train your brain to grow mentally and emotionally resilient.

Master your mind. Master your future.


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This book was designed to be a guide for any individual who is ready to take charge of their lives and strengthen their inner resilience.

Master Your Mindpower will assist you to maximize your clarity, mental and emotional resilience, and fast-track your path to success.

And that all starts with building a rock-solid foundation within.

This book will give you that foundation. Once set, we’ll hone in on your mental toughness by mastering well-defined mindsets to become mentally and emotionally resilient. Finally, we work on your habits to lock in productivity and efficiency so that you can have more of your time back.

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What can you expect from this book?

Master Your Mindpower   will help you develop:

Focus: Keep your eye on the prize and get precisely what you want
Mental Clarity: How to align your Principles, Passion & Purpose
Mental Toughness: Handle the ups and downs of life and business smoothly
Emotional Resilience: Get through stress and overwhelm with ease
Productivity Hacks: Outperform everyone around you with efficiency
Mindset Reset Exercises: Proven techniques to create what we call a “Possibility Mindset”

Most importantly, this book will help you develop the skills and techniques for success that will help you rock it out for a lifetime.

What our readers are saying…

This book is the full package, as the author has highlighted. Our mind is very powerful, but it is even more powerful if we are able to take control of it as we should. Highly recommended.

Millines Herman

This book offers concrete advice and exercises at the end of each section. I went through it carefully and I feel like the lessons really stuck with me so that I can put them into practice in my daily life. Highly recommend!


A great coaching book for business professionals, with clear exercises to put the messages into practice. Well thought out. Recommended!


This is a guide to reset your mind, upgrading your expectations of what you can achieve and thereby allowing yourself to achieve it. I am all about mindpower! I found this to be an informative and inspirational read!

Patricia L.

Highly recommend this easy and insightful read! Feeling more self empowered than ever before!


I highly recommend this book because it is a collection of the best strategies to live at whatever level you choose.


All I can say is WOW! The content of this book is phenomenal, and one of the best books I’ve read in a long time.

Diana Stefani-Hunyady

Amazing!!!! I was reminded of what I used to know and practice and what I didn’t know already. Thank you I most definitely will recommend this to everyone I know for business or just for personal mental toughness.

The Ketone Nonna

The experience that Stéph & Shay provides must be one of the most high-quality ones I’ve ever received.


Highly recommended for people who are struggling to find out what they are capable of.


I loved how the book actually gives real examples on how to train your mind to effectively work at its peak.


This book is very well written and very engaging! You can tell it’s been well researched and has very great, concrete tools and techniques to use