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We help business leaders, high performers, and coaches increase their resilience, focus, and success through our Mindpower Coaching™ programs, so they massively increase their results and make a positive impact on the world.

What is Mindpower?


The individuals with Mindpower are the most successful people in the world. They can conquer any obstacle and weather any storm. Mindpower is where mental toughness and emotional resilience converge.

Mental Toughness

Mental Toughness is not just for the rough and tough. It’s having an unwavering strength of mind and the ability to develop ongoing self-awareness to traverse through the ups and downs of life with grace.

Emotional Resilience

Emotional Resilience is the ability to no longer be a prisoner of your negative emotions. Negative emotions still exist, yet you’re able to move forward and take ongoing action.

Working with Stéph & Shay, I gained invaluable tools and direction which helped me navigate through a very complex company and close $42MM of top-line revenue growth.

Jennifer Holmes

Not in a million years did I think that I would value myself enough to consider charging these rates! I am blown away at how I have transformed the past few months with the two of you. My investment in Mindpower Breakthrough and MCA has cost me nothing and gained me everything! I would pay 10 times what I have. Thank you doesn't begin to cover it!

-Mindy Miller, MB & MCA Alumni, ELITE Member

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About Master Your Mindpower

Master your Mindpower is the Wall Street Journal Bestselling book by Stéphane & Shalee Schafeitel. Written for the success seeker who strives for more, it is a user's manual for your mind and the ultimate guide to mental toughness.

You’ll learn the 3 Pillars of Mindpower with precise Mindpower Exercises to train your brain to grow mentally and emotionally resilient.

Discover a New Dimension to Mindpower.
Designed to guide any individual who is ready to take charge of their lives and strengthen their inner resilience.
Master Your Mindpower will help you develop:
Focus: Keep your eye on the prize and get precisely what you want
Mental Clarity: How to align your Principles, Passion & Purpose
Mental Toughness: Handle the ups and downs of life and business smoothly
Emotional Resilience: Get through stress and overwhelm with ease
Productivity Hacks: Outperform everyone around you with efficiency
Mindset Reset Exercises: Proven techniques to create what we call a “Possibility Mindset”


The Road to Resilience Begins Here. Join the Mindpower Challenge™.

Find your passion, develop mental toughness, adopt bulletproof habits. Join this free 3-part challenge from the authors of the Wall Street Journal bestselling book, Master Your Mindpower.

Our Success Stories

I am so much more positive than I have been over the last year, specifically, and even over the last 5 years. Thank you, Stéph & Shay!


Now that my running parachutes are gone, I feel so much lighter!


Stéph & Shay changed my life, my mindset, my goals, my health and much more! Everyone should be talking to them as our world would be a better place.


I have clarity about my direction in life. I can trust myself again.


Everything I’ve learned from Stéph & Shay has drastically improved my life, my business and the way I coach my team.


Every step I take with the Mindpower Breakthrough feels freeing. I feel more alive!


I have been doing the Morning Routine for Mental Toughness daily.
I love it!


2 hours into my scheduled day and I already feel 100x more productive, focused and calm!


This module makes my brain so


I feel like the Mindpower Planning System has really helped me focus on my tasks.


Doing breathing and gratitude every morning has been fabulous! I have had a bunch more effective energy this week!

Gina Vokoun

Oh my gosh! That is the most incredible thing I’ve ever experienced! I feel really great!


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How to Get Smarter Every Day (According to Neuroscience)

How can we start working smarter and gain access to the other 95% of our brain?

This involves tapping into a deep part of ourselves that some of us have yet to experience.

Let’s show you how to improve your mindpower and get smarter every day.

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