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Why you need to take this online Course...

Anyone can have an “OK” relationship. Creating a loving, successful and high performing relationship takes work!

  • Are you ready to create a deeper, stronger relationship with your partner?
  • Would you like to renew, enhance and power up your relationship?
  • What if you could communicate in such a way that you always got through to your partner?
  • What if you were on the same page as your mate and could see eye-to-eye?
  • Are you ready to discover the secrets to enhancing your relationship?

Live In Love
Online Course


Through our research, time-tested methodologies with hundreds of couples and a lot of hands-on practical application, we will help you to enhance and strengthen your relationship. We won’t just point out the problem and leave you hanging! We will guide you on HOW to do something about it so you can resolve what needs to be resolved, renew what needs to be renewed and start living your dream relationship now.

Over the duration of this course you will experience engaging lessons that will teach you about yourself, your partner and how to power up your relationship through many enlightening exercises and fun assignments.

Welcome to the course and what will be the best investment in your relationship! In this first module, we’ll set the overall intention and themes for the course and already get right into what needs immediate attention for the relationship that is experiencing obstacles and challenges or for the relationship that is looking to perform at a higher level. Get ready for breakthroughs!

1.1  Welcome | Introduction

Learn about who we are as your coaches and how we help hundreds of individuals just like you to have a stronger, deeper relationship with their partner. You’ll discover how we came up with our transformative training that is renewing and enhancing many couple’s lives and relationships. 

1.2 Getting Started | Your Workbook | What To Expect

You’ll get introduced to the course, learn more about your coaches, and set forth a plan for powering up your relationship and taking it to the next level. Now is the time to schedule time for yourself and each other to make your relationship a priority. You deserve this!

1.3  Is My Relationship Okay? | Is My Relationship Healthy? | How Are We Doing?

Check in with yourself and each other with our quick relationship assessment. We will discover the current state and the current health of your relationship. Get ready to discover where you’re at now and where you want to be in your relationship. We’ll guide you through this!

1.4  How To Have The Perfect Relationship

No relationship is 100% perfect, and yet it can still be rewarding and just right for you. Here you’ll learn why picture perfect relationships are usually a facade. You’ll also learn how to see the divine in your partner and develop a relationship that’s based on truth and respect.  

1.5  How To Create Your Dream Relationship

In order to have your dream relationship, you must first define exactly what this is to you. You cannot attract or recognize this about your current mate unless you have defined this first. You will have a chance to make a list of everything you want in your dream mate and then live it.

1.6  What’s The True Purpose Of Relationships?

Being comfortable with yourself in your relationship is good, however being in the “comfort zone” in your relationship is not. Learn how to have a good balance between these so that you can be the best that you can be. Discover how to make your partner feel special again… like when you first met! Find out if your relationship is whole and complete.

How well do you know yourself? The focus of this second module is to really get to know your reflection in the mirror and to notice how that plays a key role in the success of your relationship. We all know that we can’t change other people… and what if you could change yourself in order to positively transform your relationship? Get ready to really know your SELF!

2.1  How To Empower Yourself

Learn more about yourself to become truly empowered in your life and in your relationship. Discover if you’re giving reasons in your life or creating results in your life. Learn how to always get results in your life by taking responsibility for everything in your life and in your relationship. 

2.2  What You Focus On Expands

What are you focused on in life or in your relationship? Are you focused on all the bad, negative things? Learn how to change that around to always focus on what you want, so you can always get what you want. This is one of the secrets to mastering mindfulness. Get ready!

2.3  How To Become Conscious Of The Unconscious

Harness the power of the Conscious and Unconscious Minds. Learn the difference between these two minds, the strengths of each and how to be mindful all the time.

2.4  How Perception Affects Reality

Discover how you can change your partner and what bothers you about them. This lesson may not be what you think. It may surprise you, and it will positively transform you, your partner and your relationship. Breakthroughs are waiting for you!

2.5  Create A Morning Ritual For Mental Toughness

Research shows there are many health benefits to having a morning routine, such as better mental health, lower stress levels, increased energy, improved sleep and improved performance can be achieved. Learn about our effective morning routine and how you can create your own.

In this module, you’ll learn and understand how to communicate better and more effectively with your mate. You will be able to know if you’re getting through to your partner and trained in next-level communication techniques to increase the chance that you will get through to them! Get ready to create a deeper connection and deeper love with your partner!

3.1  How To Stop Fighting With Your Partner

Are you tired of fighting over petty, stupid things? How would you like to see eye-to-eye and feel like you’re on the same page with your mate? Master how to get through those not-so-easy conversations smoother and easier with your partner. We’ll show you how!

3.2  How To Connect With Your Partner – Part 1
Imagine if you had an even deeper connection with your partner. Here we will teach you the process of creating a deep, open, trusting relationship at the unconscious level.

3.3  How To Connect With Your Partner – Part 2

This will be a mind-expanding and eye-opening lesson for you! Learn the magical Connection Languages so you can always connect at a deeper level with your mate. 

3.4  How To Communicate Effectively In Your Relationship

It’s important in a relationship to be able to give each other feedback and communicate effectively, especially when you are looking to improve your communication, your relationship, and your performance together. There’s a certain specific way that feedback must be done in order for it to work. Tune in here to find out more!

3.5  Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say

Are you getting mixed messages in your relationship? Are one of you, or both of you saying one thing, but doing another? Let’s clear this up here and now and get to the bottom of this!

3.6  How To Communicate With Your Partner

Most relationships have different levels of communication. Learn how to communicate to your partner at their level. Meet in the middle with your communication so you’re always on the same page. 

3.7  Love Languages

Understand the importance of Love Languages and how to use them with accuracy. Learn the right way to express love to your partner and do it with ease and confidence. Deep love awaits!

Let’s get past our taboo thoughts about sex and have some fun! Here you will learn about yourself, your partner and how to get comfortable together around the subject of sex and intimacy. You will learn an important tool that few relationships do, which is how to talk about sex. You will also learn how to really enjoy your partner! Get ready to learn Sex Languages!

4.1  Why Is Sex So Important With Your Partner?

Here we consulted with world renowned Sex Therapist, Simone Bienne. She shares with us the importance of sex in a relationship and when you improve your sex life, other areas of life improve as well!

4.2  Emotional Foreplay

There is a very specific ratio that makes love last. That “magic ratio” is 5 to 1. Are you fulfilling this magic ratio… or not? Find out where you are and how you can increase it to meet the mark. This is so important!

4.3  How To Talk About Sex – Part 1 

Many couples don’t know what sex means to their partner and a lot of people don’t even know what it means to themselves. It’s important to open up a fun and safe discussion about sex with your partner so you can be even more clear and open with each other. Strengthen your bond and give yourself permission to have even more fun between the sheets! 

4.4  How To Talk About Sex – Part 2

This hot and steamy lesson gets into some questions for you to ask one another that will be sure to spice things up in the bedroom! Learn more about yourself and your partner so you can take your sex life to the next level.

4.5  Comparing Women’s & Men’s Unique Strategies For Sex

We all know that we’re different when it comes to sex. We each have different things that turn us on and off. Do you want to know the specific steps to turning on your partner? You gotta check out this lesson!

4.6  Sex Languages

We all have different sex languages. Discover your partner’s ‘Sex Language’ and learn how to meet it on a regular basis. Learn how to speak this important language to each other to increase physical desire for sex and to enhance your sex life! 

4.7  Playdate For Sex

Now that you’re creating a deeper, more connected relationship and strengthening your communication, it’s time to ignite your sex life and turn things up a notch. Find out how to create a special time together by setting the proper mood, pampering each other and having some fun!

Here you will learn how to level-up your relationship and become a real high performing couple! You will learn some powerful tools that will continuously help you both to get clear of what motivates you and drives your everyday behaviors and results. This will assist you both to appreciate each other’s “world” more. Get ready to learn how to Create Your Dream Together! 

5.1  How To Discover Your Values

This is a game-changer in relationships. You must learn about Values – what’s important to you and how to become aligned and on the same page as your partner. This is how to consistently perform at a high level together like a High-Performance couple. You will really master your relationship and become what some would call a Power Couple. 

5.2  How To Set Goals Together In A Relationship

Couples that set goals together, stay together. Learn our advanced goal setting process and how to implement this into your relationship so you can consistently grow together and thrive together!

5.3  How To Create Your Dreams Together

Discover why the Law of Attraction is incomplete. Yes, we believe in the Law of Attraction and we use it daily… AND you may be surprised to learn this hidden step that is so important to creating what you want! Get ready to learn this!

5.4  Create Your Dreams Together – Advanced Visualization Technique

Now that you have your goals, you’ve learned the missing link to the Law of Attraction, let us lead you on a guided ‘Create Your Dreams Together Meditation’. You’re going to love this!

5.5  Schedule It And Take Action!

Want to know how the most successful couples stay organized and in-tune with each other? Here we will share with you some of our success strategies to make this happen. 

5.6  Assessment

It’s that time to assess where you’re at now after taking this course to see how you’ve enhanced and strengthened your relationship. Are you ready? Let’s do this!

5.7  Summary

Thank you so much for your presence, for giving it your all and trusting us to get you there! We’ve really enjoyed this time with you and we know that even if you take just one thing from this course, you and your relationship will have improved. Here we wrap it up and share with you how to stay connected with us.

Here we share some of our favorite success tools that we’ve been using for many years.

  1. Gratitude Journal

Did you know that it is impossible to hold a negative state in consciousness if you are in a state of gratitude? Then why not have an attitude of gratitude always… and especially for your partner? We’ll share with you how to do this.

  1. Changing The Looking Glass

Want a quick and easy solo exercise to assist you to get over a disagreement or conflict you are having with your partner? This technique is so simple and easy, yet so powerful in being able to change your perspective of a challenging situation, which will change how you feel about it. 

  1. The Forgiveness Process

This is one of the most important processes for success in your relationship. We’re not perfect and we know that each other is not perfect, however we forgive each other and ourselves on a daily basis. We know that we’re always learning, growing and doing the best we can with where we are in the moment. Learn this Hawaiian Huna process of forgiveness called, Ho’oponopono. 

  1. The Forgiveness Process Guided Meditation

We’ll lead you through a guided Ho’oponopono Meditation for your ultimate success in forgiving yourself and your partner. 

Happy Couples

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We’ve learned a lot over the years of what works… and what doesn’t work from personal experience in our relationship AND from the many couples we have trained & coached. We are excited to share with you everything that we’ve learned so that you can learn in a few hours what took us almost two decades to figure out.


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Yes, we have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you’re not 100% satisfied with your results after taking our online course, and it’s within 15 days after purchasing the course, we will ask you to kindly email us documentation that you have completed all of the assignments from each lesson. Fully commit yourself to doing the coursework, and then if you’re still not happy we’ll refund your entire purchase, as long as it’s within 15 days of purchasing the course. You can buy with confidence and get ready to Live In Love!

Absolutely! Don’t think about it… Do it! This course is also great for individuals already in a relationship even if you’re not taking it with your partner. Sometimes in life, you must lead by example, right? It’s clear that you are ready to change and you are being the change that you want to see in your relationship! We know that even if one side of the relationship takes this training it will have a huge positive impact on the inner workings of your relationship. Imagine… you could be that spark that is necessary to change things for the better!

Yes, you will absolutely have lifetime access to the online course, the audio program, the downloadable PDF’s and the workbook.

Yes! This course is for anyone in a relationship, whether you are married or not. Even if you are not in a relationship, if you follow along and do all of the exercises you will experience growth. Anyone can benefit from the resources in this online course. Many single people have taken this course to become empowered in the context of relationships.

For sure! This training will set you up for success in a future relationship. Even if you are not currently in a relationship, when you take the training and do all of the exercises you will experience growth. Anyone can benefit from the information in this online course. Many single people have already taken this course and experienced great success.

Congratulations! Yes, absolutely! It’s never too soon or too late to build a strong foundation in your relationship. Even when things are great, that’s a really good time to continue to build upon and strengthen your relationship. You deserve to Live In Love​ now and forever!

If you are ready to step into greatness as a couple, but just don't have the resources and tools to do it, then this course is for you! Make this one of the best investments of your life and your relationship. We’ve designed this course to assist you to learn HOW to communicate better, HOW to create your dream relationship, HOW to be on the same page with each other so that you can learn HOW to become a high performing couple. We can help guide you there!

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